Deliberately ambiguous, the practice of Xavier Duffaut is characterized by pastiche, hijacking and performative activation of objects. In his minimalist interventions, the history of art (particularly of avant-garde) and popular culture merge, as well as the boundaries separating profane and sacred, tragic and grotesque. Duffaut is the fool, the trickster who is both the insider and outsider. He defunctionalizes, transforms or reproduces manufactured objects of his daily life. By aestheticizing and poeticizing them, he questions the violence of the values they carry.

Solo shows
«FOURT», Ballroom Gallery (Brussels)
Curators: Ida Wollens & Bart Vanderbiesen
«#I Miss You Online Virtual Tour », Lota Sigma (online)
Curator: Marjolaine Abaléa
«Subliminal Packagings», Greylight Projects (Hoensbroek, Netherlands)
Curator: Wouter Huis

Group shows
«Les Temps Modernes», Galerie A (Brussels)
Curator: Valentine Himpens-David
«Cendars Brussels», Gallerie Zotto (Brussels)
Curators: Harold Lechien, Romain Zacchi and Leo Luccioni
«Sweet Home», Hotel de Bodt (Brussels).
Curator: Lola Meotti
«Liquidation Totale», Face B (Brussels)
Curator: Assal Sharifrazi & Daphna Krygier
«Curatorial Machines», S.M.A.K. (Ghent)
Curator: Bjornus Van Der Borght
«Prix Dacos», Cercle des Beaux-Arts (Luik)
«Triennale de la gravure», Musée de la Boverie (Luik)
Curator: Fanny Moens
«Third Place or What?», TickTack Gallery (Antwrep)
Curators: Paul Gérard & Jules Flamen
«H Y P E R M A R K E T», Kunsthal (Ghent)
Curators: Van Der Borght Bjornus,
Sam Gunst and Robert Monchen
«ECHO», BK6 (Kortijk)
Curator: Grégory Decock
«Expo Sans Doute», L’Atelier du Doute (Brussels)
Curators: Babette Cols & Eugène Peirera
«All In One», KANAL (Brussels)
Curator: Lola Meotti
«Wheeling», La Réserve (Brussels)
Curator: Lola Meotti
«Slow Dating», Quincaillerie Vander Eycken (Brussels)
«Overpr!nt», Centre de la gravur (La Louvière)
Curator: Jean-Pierre Müller

Assistant of Léo Luccioni (2020 - 2021), Messieurs Delmotte (2018-2019) and Joséphine Kaepplin (2018)