Beyond Borders, 2019
Action (Villa Empain/Fondation Boghossian, Brussels)

How does the display of art physically condition visitors in art exhibitions? How to delimit forbidden areas or private spaces they shall not pass? For instance, by adding adhesive tapes. Similarly to Beyond Borders — a commercial exhibition about boundaries —, I have made the Villa Empain’s displays mine, by both signing the adhesive tapes and inserting myself in the brochure.

“Xavier Duffaut, born in Brussels in 1996, is a visual artist and activist whose recent interventions in art institutions question both physical and psychological conditions of his subjets. In his interactive installation Surveiller et Punir (2018), Xavier Duffaut has set an alarm system on the most expensive piece of art in the collection, which activates on whenever the viewer comes too close.” (text added inside the brochure)