Beyond Borders, 2019
Villa Empain/Fondation Boghossian (Brussels)

In January 2019, I’ve contributed to the show ‘Beyond Border’s at Villa Empain, by signing the adhesive tapes on the floor and indicating the security alarm next to Anish Kapoor’s work in the brochure, presenting them as both art installations from mine.

Text added inside the english brochure :
“Xavier Duffaut, born in Brussels in 1996, is a visual artist and activist whose recent interventions in art institutions question both physical and psychological conditions of his subjets. In his interactive installation Surveiller et Punir (2018), Xavier Duffaut has set an alarm system on the most expensive piece of art in the collection, which activates on whenever the viewer comes too close.” 

French version :
“Né en 1996, l’artiste et critique d’art Xavier Duffaut accorde une importance particulière à la muséologie et à l’expographie. Son installation Beware: Art Piece (2018) consiste en plusieurs marquages au sol de bandes de ruban adhésif. En s’emparant d’un dispositif scénique, Xavier Duffaut tente de révéler le conditionnement physique et psychologique du spectateur au sein d’espaces institutionnels.