Subliminal Packagings, 2019
Inkjet prints mounted on iMac boxes, pedestals, plants
Exhibited at Display / Greylight Project (Netherlands)

Here, a bulldozer bursting out of a mountain of trash, blends into the side of Mount Yosemite. There, the-almost-accidental apparition of satellite Galileo in the camera's lens capturing the milky way. Finally, the sinking of a container, to the brim filled with flat screens which run aground like high-tech wrecks. As modern archetypes of pictorial landscape representations, Apple's wallpapers become anchored in the collective imagination and memory over time. They offer idyllic, paradisiacal images of an immaculate nature that contrast with the catastrophe scenarios broadcasted in the news. Subliminal Packagings is an installation that parodies Apple's visual merchandizing by sacralizing twisted computer boxes, on which subliminal wallpapers highlight the environmental impact of the brand but also the high-tech industry in general.